Choosing the best Spearfishing Wetsuit

A spearfishing wetsuits provides both warmth and camouflage. We recommend this wetsuit from Yamamoto, since it has multiple layers for different temperatures and has a reasonable price.

Your spearfishing wetsuit is an essential part of your spearfishing gear. Perhaps you are new to spearfishing, and are unsure of what to choose. Perhaps you are an expert spearfisher and are looking for a good quality replacement.

What do you choose and how?

There are four things to bear in mind when choosing a spearfishing wetsuit.

  1. Thickness. How thick your wetsuit is depends on where you’ll be going spearfishing, the coldness or warmth of the area and its terrain. If you’re diving in warmer latitudes you don’t need a wetsuit with the thickness suitable to colder climates. If there are rocks or coral around where you’re diving, you need a wetsuit that protects you. A spearfishing wetsuit of 1-2.5mm thickness is recommended for water temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. For temperatures around 59 degrees Fahrenheit choose a thickness between 3.5-5mm or more.
  2. Camouflage. Consider the color of the water in which you will be diving. Camouflage is how species in nature protect themselves from predators; and predators make themselves invisible to their prey. Go for a mix of blues if you’re spearfishing in shallow waters. If you’re spearfishing in a rocky area, choose a blend of browns. If it’s a combination of both choose a mix of colors. You can color coordinate your fins to match your wetsuit.
  3. Style Wetsuits are designed in a variety of styles. A one piece wetsuit, called a steamer, is suitable for beginners. If you are new to spearfishing, choose a one piece spearfishing wetsuit. These usually zip across the back or across the chest area. Make sure that your wetsuit has a loading pad on the chest for comfortable reloading of your speargun. Two piece wetsuits are suitable for experienced spearfishermen. The two halves can either be fixed together with clips, zippers or velcro, or they might overlap. These offer greater flexibility and ease of movement. Your wetsuit should fit properly. If it’s too loose, it will allow water to circulate inside. You require a suit loose enough for ease of movement, yet well-fitting so it’s watertight. Look for suits with additional rubber seals at the ankles, wrist or neck areas.
  4. Material. What is the most suitable material for a spearfishing wetsuit? These come in two types of materials, open and closed-cell neoprene. Closed-cell neoprene wetsuits are suitable for warmer climates. These are less expensive than the open-cell type. If you are a beginner and are diving in a warm temperature; and if you would like to use your wetsuit for other watersports this type is suitable. Open cell neoprene wetsuits are usually two piece and designed for specialized spearfishing requirements.


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