Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Hawaii

If you’re headed to Hawaii and are planning to go fishing for smallmouth bass, here are some smallmouth bass fishing tips for a successful expedition. After all you want to catch the biggest smallmouth bass you can find. How big is that? Anything over 5 pounds is a big smallmouth bass. While the smallmouth bass is around half the weight of the largemouth bass, it is fast. Its frantic runs and leaps give anglers some thrilling fishing moments.

Fish in water that’s moving

The bigger smallmouth bass prefer to be in moving water, because the currents will send food in their direction. Look for creek mouths or narrow parts of the lake in which you’re fishing, where there are currents. Bigger rivers are also good places to fish for smallmouth bass.

Big bait catches big fish

If you want to catch bigger fish, use bigger bait. A big fish needs more food, so he’s always on the lookout for a larger, more satisfying meal. Think 7” lizards, or 6” magic spinners, one ounce spinnerbaits or 5” Zara spooks. If you’re an experienced angler you probably have your favorite.

Fish in an area that doesn’t have many fishermen

Avoid parts of the lake that are crowded with lures. Scope the area for possible hotspots that are being overlooked by other fishermen. This is where schools of the bigger fish will be hanging out.

A windy, stormy day brings out the big players

Wind moves the water, and gets the little fish moving. It also gets the big fish moving after their prey. If the forecast is for stormy weather, get your jacket on and get yourself ready for some exciting fishing.

Get fishing early in the morning

The big smallmouth bass will be out and hunting in low light conditions, especially early in the morning. They’ll be hungry at this time. Good bait to use are topwater lures, spinnerbait and jerkbaits.

When is the best time of year for smallmouth bass fishing in Hawaii?

Mid-may to August is excellent, so if you’re planning a trip this is the best time of year to go.

In the spring look to fish in shallow to moderate depths. During the summer you’ll find the smallmouth bass in shallow water in the morning; and deeper water as the sun gets higher. In the fall you’ll find them in shallow to moderate water depths. In the winter look to fish in shallower water later in the day.

Where are the best areas for smallmouth bass fishing in Hawaii?

Wilson Lake is the best place to go fishing for smallmouth bass. Kauai is also good.




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